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Best Burgers in SHeffield

Who doesn’t love a burger? We can’t get enough of the good stuff. Thankfully we are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a decent burger in Sheffield. 

Here’s a few of our favourites.


Slap & Pickle recently took over the kitchen at The Teller (Abbeydale Road) but they are already changing the game.

What makes these guys stand out? Every element is perfect. The bread doesn’t fall apart despite all the toppings and Slap & Pickle love a topping. A good burger should be a taste sensation in every bite, the meat should stand out even when surrounded by other flavours and these smashed patties certainly do.

If you like your burgers stacked, juicy and dripping in goodness you are in for a treat. Think a two patty burger is a mouthful? Try getting your mouth round four! Vegans don’t worry, pretty much every item on their menu can adapted for you.

Their chips ain’t bad either!

Twisted Burger

Twisted Burger Co. (City Centre) have become a Sheffield institution since serving up amazing burgers at The Harley. Over the years you’ll have found the icons across the city, they are currently at Triple Point Brewery, providing the perfect partner for a beer.

Twisted go extra with their burgers as they offer toppings such as pulled pork, beef brisket or jerk slaw whilst Sheffield band While She Sleeps have curated a vegan burger.

Fat Hippo

When it comes to creating exciting burgers, Fat Hippo at Kommune (Castlegate) are here to take your taste buds on a journey. Peanut butter and jam shouldn’t go on a burger but these guys have pulled it out of the bag. That salty, sweet, sticky combo compliments the beef. 

Burgers don’t need to involve beef, if you’re looking for fried chicken look no further than Lucky Fox (City Centre). Their Williamsburger includes a fried egg, smoked bacon, Swiss cheese and hot sauce taking everything up a level. 

Looking for a classic? Jimmy’s Burgers at Cutlery Works (Kelham) bring that State side vibes to Kelham’s food hall. Brioche buns, double patties, bacon, cheese is there anything better? Sometimes simple is all you need. 

Church Burger

Vegan options: When it comes to vegan fast food Church: Temple of Fun (Kelham) continue to push boundaries. The taste and texture might seem like your chopping through some meat but you aren’t! These vegan burgers are tall and packed with flavours. 

Saucy (Abbeydale Road) by the team behind Make No Bones is a vegan take away that replicate the familiar flavours found in your typical take away.

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